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Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Pm From Tim Mohamed


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Anyone else had this PM this morning from member 555




(1) consignment01@yahoo.co.uk

My name TIM MOHAMMED Retired Colonel and ADC (

Military Assistant) to UNITA Leader,Jonas

Savimbi(DECEASED); Angola's Jonas Savimbi, legendary

guerrilla leader of UNITA (the National

Union for the Total Independence of Angola), who was

killed by communist MPLA (Popular Movement for the

Liberation of Angola) forces in combat Feb. 2002 .

please see some Angola and Diamond related websites:-








In addition to my official job, I was also in charge

of the consolidated budget and personal finances of

the late leader; these include Gifts, anonymous

donations from individuals and Countries;Also revenues

from Crude Oil sales and Diamond/Precious Stones etc.

When UNITA fortunes and conditions began to

deteriorate rapidly, I took the precaution of

converting ALL MONIES and liquid ASSETS INTO CUT

DIAMONDS. The estimated Value of the Diamonds which

have full GIA (Gemmological Institute of America)

certification is USD75 million. ( calculated at

current average market price of USD2,500.00 per

carat). Graded from GIA scale D to M ;Emerald, Heart,

Marquise, Oval, Pear, Princess, Radiant and Triangle

(Trillion) shapes; The Diamonds are in small carats

which are very easy to broker…

Unfortunately for me, after Jonas Savimbi's death, my

personal safety and life came under threat by

Government Security Agents, who promptly seized my

International Passport, and froze my Bank Accounts.

I eventually made away with my diamond cache worth

about USD75 million(current street value) to another

country in Africa where I kept it in a secret hiding

place, and safe! I believe the time is now ripe to

remove the diamonds to safety abroad, and I need your

help and assistance.

I have consequently arranged to ship out the

consignment of Diamonds through a Shipping company in


a willing partner to “Receive”

the Consignment on my behalf. The consignment will be

shipped to you as “CONSIGNEE” and you will collect the

consignment on my behalf and keep it in safe custody.

At this stage, You may wish to contact a Diamond Vendor

in your area to purchase the diamonds…If you agree to

help me, then your share will be 30% in diamonds or

USD22.5 million minimum net, after the diamonds are

sold. There is no risk in this venture; and because

the Diamonds are fully certified, you will not be

breaking your Country’s or international law! The

Consignment will arrive your end by Air cargo, and

fully insured…

If you are interested, please send me immediately the

following information:

(1) Your complete name

(2) Your Full address ( this will be the consignee

address through which you will receive the Diamond

cargo consignment)

(3) Your Telephone and Fax numbers

Please feel free to contact me anytime on my direct

email address consignment01@yahoo.co.uk for more


Upon receipt of the above information, I will arrange

the shipment of the Diamond consignment to you; and

advise you accordingly. I am looking forward to doing

business with you and I also appeal to you to observe

the highest level of confidentiality even if you

decline to help me!



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I KNOW I KNOW i have recieved tons of PM's

What i have done is disabled the members list

if it conintues then the pm system will be closed down no non goldies.

The reason for this would be that a scammer would not be a gold member.. thus no reason to turn it off for gold members.

I am trying many ways and trying to see how they mass PM becasue they must get pretty bored!

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check your email inbox and your pm inbox on TOC.... am I the only guy to have recieved info about a diamond stealing plan? LOL

anyway it's almost certainly a scam so please don't reply with your full address, fax, tel numbers or credit cards.

I'm sure Steve is aware (or he is now) and a proper warning will be delivered in time...


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yeah i got it too............was just thinking have the members that have got this PM got links to the military in any way..........i picked up the pm at work and happened to show it to our IT security officer......he was very interested because of the menetion of gorilla activity extra.. :angry::boxing::ban::saddam:

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