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Abs Warning Light On - How To Check If Its The Pump Or Ecu?

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ok, so over this weekend the ABS light came on in my car, car is Avensis 1998, 1.8GS.

i checked all 4 sensors using a digital meter and all read between 1600-1700 ohms, i did this locally at each wheel and also from the ABS controller (to check the whole wiring). the reading also pulsates when the wheel is turned. So i think the sensors are ok.

now without getting the car diagnosed using a obd scanner, how can i tell if the pump or ecu is at fault? not being too savvy at this, where would i find the ABS pump? i take it the pump and ecu are not the same part?

i was hoping that the it would be one of the sensors but knowing my luck it will be the most expensive part to fix!

i tried to get some error codes by bridging 2 ports on the OBD but nothing happened in terms of flash codes!

if all else fails, il go get it diagnosed

any help much appreciated!

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