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Steering Wheel Controls

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I'm gonna have to keep an eye on you :thumbsup:. I'm planning on doing a DIY OBD interface for my final year uni project next year and you seem pretty knowledgeable on a few corolla specific bits.

Incase your interested, its either going to be....

An All-In-One unit built around the ELM327 IC, with probably a simple ATMEGA or PIC and a 4 line LCD for display.

An Android application to use in conjunction with a OBD-Bluetooth module I'll make

A plugin for XBMC that I'll install on a nice carputer like you have.

Not decided yet, leaning towards the first as its probably the most challenging and will have the most hardware jiggery pokery in it. I have found a few Toyota specific diagnostic PIDS so far just through rigorous googling, but I'm hoping to reverse engineer some of my own depending how much of the standard OBD-II stack works.

Unfortunately, I'm a PFL Rolla, but thinking about maybe having steering wheel support would be great if I was to make it a carputer app.


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