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Anyone With A Glanza V?

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thanx for the help, the only thing that worries me is the age and that things might go wrong. But i wanted to know, if i got a boost controller and turned up the boost, would i need a fuel controller to add more fuel? Or would the ecu add it?

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How far would you want to be upping the boost? On high boost they run 9psi. They have a fuel cut at around 11psi to stop engine damage. To get round that you would need a properly set up fuel controller or a rising rate fuel pressure reg, a fuel cut defender and you are away BUT once you get close to 14psi the turbo generates too much head to be effective, especialy with the top mount.

I ran mine at about 13psi (.89 bar) and it was great.

The other problem you will have is that the standard exhaust and manifold are restrictive, change them and watch your power go up

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150 is quite easily done, get a turbo back exhaust inc decat, rrfpr, the boost will naturally increase with the exhaust, maybe a fcd and make sure you get the fuelling set up properly on a RR

But before messing with power do the important things FIRST: Suspension and brakes!

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