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Fitting A New Headunit For Ipod (Or Other Options)

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hi guys, im new hear and own an auris 2007.

Great forum here and loving some of your auris's! has inspired me :)

I have a question and looking for some help, im tired of carting around cd's in my car so loking for some kind of connectivity for my iPod and iPhone.

How hard is it to fit a new headunit in the auris? was looking at a single din unit with usb and aux in. Are there any guides to doing this or is it too hard work? and what parts would i need?

what other options are there for me to get my iPod and iPhone working in the car?

Any help is much appreciated guys


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Heya Luke and welcome to the club!

There has been several threads regarding iPod and iPhone fitting. There are special integration cable kits which you can use with your original headunit or then there's an option to upgrade your HU to a new one - single or double din.

As there's numerous threads where people are pondering which would be the best option and how to reach their goals, I suggest you to use the search option. Just write iPod in the search field and you will most probably get your answers. You will also find DIY guide on how to upgrade your universal headunit to a new one. The thread will be in the =1"]search results -list.

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