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I have a Innova 2009 Model - India Diesel version

My idle RPM shows above 1200 on a cold start . The Toyota Sercvice centre has informed me that 1500 is expected .. which seems absurd

Does anyone know a OBD scan that works on Innova Innova I beleive is not OBDII compliant


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Hi Nilay,

I get that feel too, that our desi innova is not OBD-2 compliant..what a shame with so many awesome OBD gigs available in the US market.

I see my car start off with below 1000 revs on cold and so i'm surprised to hear that you have a 1200 rev on start-up, somethinsg not right but wher is the vehicle situated. I suppose if its too cold, then maybe....Mine is 2010 model and located in Bangalore, but i have also driven it to Ooty in peak winters and did not notice such a high rev start up. get it checked up from a cluefull service provider....none the less, these toyota machines are built if the check engine light is not on..don't get worried...

tell me, do you know where to locate the speed signal wire under the dash in our vehicles...also, if you do get something on the OBD compliance, let me know..cause my ride does have an OBD port under the steering wheel...


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