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Touch Up Paint?

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does anyone know where I can order some white touch up paint for

a white pearlescent IQ. I have some stone chips that I need to cover up.

Is it best to use a touch up paint or pay someone to do professionally?

the chips are tiny but there are quite a few


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Hi Sean,

I got my kit from Halfords. It had the primer, paint, lacquer, plus the applicator tools, for about £8 i think. Personally it does the job for me, I touch them up as I'm going. Takes a bit of time if they are large ones, but some small ones i just use the paint alone and it takes the eye off it.

If you wanted a paint, most guys who do small chips/dents etc can mix you some up, they will just take ur paint code under the bonnet and mix it to that.

If you go to someone they will do exactly what you would do, but charge for the privilege. Their advice would always be re-paint the panel with the chips.

I had a panel painted recently, but had a stone chip on another panel so asked them to touch it in. The end result looked no different to how I did a couple.

Hope this helps.

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I got a genuine Toyota kit for less than £6 from my local dealer. The kits come with a tool for rubbing down the painted chips so they blend in.

I have used the Halfords kits before, but they don't do my colour. And they are dearer to buy than a genuine kit.

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