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Jdm Y0!

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Hey guys got this topic up on another site as well but i wanted to know what some others think.

Some of you know i really like the JDM styling and will always i will never go euro!!!

Just wanted to know what Corolla you think is more JDM styling pre facelift or facelift?

and what you would say are good mods to get our rollas looking JDM???

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If you want the JDM look then you need to buy JDM parts don’t go and buy the cheap copies :no: If I was you I would get some bride seats, Nardi steering wheel ,rays wheels, coilovers and big drop, Takata harnesses ,and a nice Jdm exhaust (eg hks apexi blitz etc) job done :thumbsup:

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Bride seats are a must anyway as they look nuts!! Stickers love em anyway big drop is coming!!

How come non of us lot done it yet???

cost I guess... a pair of brides with bride rails will run you from about £1200 upwards :(

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I think the facelift looks more jdm, and also a bit more agressive.

Turning it into jdm at the exterior is already done with lowering, wheels, and exhaust.

Using xenon and a nice looking spoiler could finish the job :lol:


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