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Sticking Handbrake?

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Corolla 2006 auto. 21000 miles. Had the rear pads replaced at M.O.T by Mr T in March this year. Seems early but that's another matter.

In the last few weeks there has been a squeaking from the nearside rear wheel when I release the handbrake. If I move the handbrake up and down a few inches it stops. Thinking of taking it back but it may not be linked to the new pads, no doubt it would cost an arm and a leg just for them to look at it!

Are there any moving bits which can be oiled to free up the handbrake or should I take it back?


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If it's the same as mine with the shoes for the hand brake and disks for the footbrake, I have just had my brakes overhauled by my mate and when we took the drums off there was a lot of built up in the drums and on the shoes, cleaned them both of with some emery cloth and been great since, just done 350 miles to Devon and back and no issues, before this i had a rubbing noise on them.

I had to do the same as you if i lifted the handbrake then released it it would go.

Also clean of your callipers and brake pads of exess paint what my mate does is grind the paint off the edges of the pads so they slide more freely in the holders and copper greases them to stop them sticking.

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