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The Clangers?

Nigebob Squarepants

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It’s the only way I can describe it!

If anyone remembers the CLANGERS, well, it sounds as though I have one living under my bonnet.

I doesn’t do it all the time.


When I go to work every day, I go down quite a steep road, no more than a mile long at about 25 - 30mph, 3rd gear, hardly have to touch the brakes (get the picture)

And the car, 9 out of 10 times chirps away like a Clanger on LSD.

Anyone had similar? Noises, not LSD.

I’M Lucky enough to live near ANCORMAN, so I’ve Badgered him, and he reckons its nothing to worry about, but you do worry, don’t you?

Thoughts appreciated.

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Try walking down the hill -just to discount the possibility of yer false teeth chattering.

As you dwll in high paks (which could b th top of Bn Nvis fo all I know, I guss that a sump baffl may hlp.

soy guys - my lft am/hand has dvlopd a waknss so th ltter 'e'e seems to be a problem. its any key worked by the left hand - no chattering, just weakness....i have bin diagnosed wi unsufficient whisky lubricant but due to government cutbnacks on the benefits, my private jealth insurance is coming into play to diagnose the difficulties....nhs aint interested ans since thew torees got in, things must get wursor.,

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Could it be same thing what which Abraxas had not that long ago.....a knackered thrust bearing?

Just a thought.

Big Kev :)

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I will ride down said hill and listen to it!

Seems a bit daft tae ride down there, after havin' spent all that money on a new car....? Take the car....

Big Kev. :yahoo:

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