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2003 Corolla T-Sport Alarm Problems!


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Hello, i recently purchased my corolla t-sport, as for un-known reasons the alarm goes off during the day.... (it goes off for some reaon when its hot) and has been going off at mid-day every day, its like its an alarm clock lol, but it does not go off when its cool (aka its perfect at night ect) its JUST at work when its hot.... so im very confused, im guessing its the sensors inside the car? maybe the heat is tricking the sensors into thinking somethings moved inside the car????

if anyone has any tips or has had the same problem and could help it would be great!

thanks in advance :)

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The alarm oing off when it is hot points at heat expansion on the bonnet being the problem. There is a sensor at the back of the engine bay that is causing the alarm to go off. If you can either adjust it so it sits shlightly higher, or do what I did and fix something to the underside of the bonnet above the sensor, then the alarm wil stop going off :)

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firstly thank god im not insane... i was waiting for someone to say "the alarm going off when its hot, your and idiot" haha

take it thats a common problem on them? il go out and give it a wirl now!

thanks buddy! :)

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