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Help Needed With Avensis


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Hi guys

Just bought an 2004 Avensis (T25) 2.4 vvti,D4 Automatic two days ago and i have some glitches/ malfunctions with the interior equipment. I wonder if i can fix them myself. I have no experience with Toyotas whatsoever since this is my first one.

The problems are as follows

1- Clock resetting to 12 o'clock every new start. ( I've adjusted it every time before driving )

2- Interior lighting not working even if i use the switch or the door opens.

3- CD's not loading. If i put a CD in the player it just keeps ejecting it (cd labels on top, copied and original cd's the same )

And as last a technical question: Is it easy to replace the bearing of front left wheel ?

Thanks in advance

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Both the clock and the interior light circuits should have a permanently live power feed - perhaps your fault is as simple as a blown fuse?

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