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1998 Colorado 4X4

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Hello there, I have just purchased a 1998 3 door colorado GXTD with 95000 miles on the clock in very good condition from a work friend. I have paied 2900 for it on the terms that the mot which is due in june is paied for by them. I shall not be getting it till mid june which is when they move country. The thing I was unsure about was weather it is perminant 4x4 or not. I am replacing a well used v8 discovery which as many know is perminant 4x4 with centre diff lock and low range 4x4. I have only found one website about this which says that it is perminant 4x4 with high range, high range center diff locked, low range and low range center diff locked, plus a rear diff lock via a button. Is this true?

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hi there

i usually hang about on the rav4 forum,but was just taking a quick look through the others,i used to have a 'y' reg colorado 3dr d4d.

it is permenant 4 wheel drive.. :thumbsup: ...but i believe the diff lock works in low box only.

if you are changing from a V8 green oval,to a a difference,you will be bored at weekends now,as it won't breakdown(sorry couldnt resist).. :D

enjoy your colorado,i cant anymore as just too expensive to run for my pocket....but she were a fine beast :yes:


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