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Paint/body Repair Warranty

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I'd appreciate your opinion to the case as outlined below.

Firstly, I have NO gripe with my local dealer at all and have no plans to fall out with them, they provide excellent service but I have to talk to them in this case as they are handling the 'case' if it can be called that.

I had a small dent on the tail gate some 2.5yrs ago when parked in a car park, the other driver left no note so I had to claim. Toyota offered a good deal, took care of it using a local approved body shop. The dent was not that big and the pain was not broken but it was, as usual a costly job. Got the car back only for the paint (black metallic) to go milky within 2-3 days, it turned out that the paint had not been cured properly. In it went and back it came after a few days, this time looking perfect.

Wind forward to 3 week ago and I notice some rust in the repaired area (where the plastic tailgate handle meets the tailgate panel), some clear rust and bubbling of the paint. I contacted my dealer who duly booked it in to have the work re-paired. Got it back and it looked perfect (apart from a bit of what seems to be over spray on the bumper where it looked milky but this was sorted by the dealer in no time).

My query to you are - what warranty can I expect for this latest work?

I have just been told 'balance of the original' which in this case is about 6 months. I am obviously not happy as what is there to say that the workmanship is not just geared to cover that period (I have to watch what I am saying here...). If it was done to the 'exact high standards to be expected' then why would I not get the same warranty as the last time?? (I am annoyed at seeing rust cause I know how tricky it is to keep at bay once it sets in.) My plan to keep the car for awhile (55 plate, 60K) and do not fancy to possibly having to fork out money as early as next year on a re-spray.

What is reasonable in this case?

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Something caught my eye this morning when closing the tailgate and I wiped some dirt off only to realize that the new paint job is not up to scratch, they have not sanded down the filler properly, there are clearly visible 'creases'

I am kicking myself for not seeing this last week, only did a quick visual, assuming that all the shiny gloss was perfect.

Its gonna have to go on again..........

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