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Corolla Back In Paintshop

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Thats my Corolla back in to get the front bumper repainted, not happy at all about the shading, looked ok in certain lights but colour just wasnt good enough. Toyota were kind enough to just send the paint rather than checking the shade first so hopefully should have it back tomorrow and will eventually get some pictures up, i was going to before but when i put them on photobucket you could see the colour difference

Anyone else had the same hassle?

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yeap, the exact same claire, my tte bumper is a different shade, its the way the plastic reacts to the paint, can be very difficult to get an exact match.

it is much easier to match darker colours, well i think its that you dont notic it as much, cant wait for the pics.

are toyota fitting the bumper for you or just got the paint from them ?

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It depends on the light think it was actually better the first time. Have been to another bodyshop but their solution was to blend the wings which i dont want.

The original bumper was painted by arnold clark when i got it as it had a small scratch and first time wasnt a great match but i made them do it again and it was fine so i know it can be matched better.

What about toyota do you think theyd get a better match?

Really need to get it sorted ive hardly driven it cos it makes me mad every time i look at it at the moment

And after the second attempt

From the front not too bad


From the side too light


And from above too blue


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the only way is to blend in.i got a mark on the rear bumper and had mine done and the painter noted that the bumper was a diff colour to start with and now you cant tell its been touched after he sorted it cost 200£ well happy. :thumbsup:

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as i said mine is a different shade too, iam just living with it as iav sooooo many little niggly bits like that with the car the colour match is just another on the list.....

bumper looks good by the ways :thumbsup: , car is looking very well now B)

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