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Sr180 Tuning Article

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Dated in 2008, but an interesting read nonetheless.

Excellent article. B)

One thing not mentioned, I am sure it will have an impact, is the effect on fuel efficiency. From my understanding , a lay one, these remaps can not only increase performance but also fuel efficiency - or do I have that wrong?

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Yes interesting.

I visited my local Evolution installer who's honest comment was that Evolutions mod (at £700 and appearing to be similar to Tunits) was not really worth the money. He said that as the EMU was a 'hybrid' nobody can 'remap' it - all that can be done is to add in some 'bits' as per the Tunit mod. However, this is not as good as a 'proper' remap. I am suprised that the article implies something can be done to the sofware with the Tunit system.

Has anybody actually had a performance mod done and if so what do they think of it



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