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4Yrs/40000Miles Service Cost


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can anybody tell me, last week phone my local toyota dealer to book in a 4yrs/40000mls service and was giving a qoute of just under £400.00. I booked it in anyway for the service to be done in 2 weeks time, but a couple of days later thought was it bit expensive so decided to call another toyota dealer (same franchise) in the next town. Spoke to service dept ask price for 4yrs/40000mls full service, an been qouted £265.00 include labour and parts, wasn't convince and i ask again and same again £265.00, so i booked it in with them in 2 weeks time. I also asked the guy why is it my local dealer (same franchise) qoute £400.00, he checked the system for the 1st dealer and said don't know it should be one standard charge for that service. Then I phone my local dealer to cancell the service the guy ask me would i like to change date, said no I go somewhere else which is £135.00 cheaper, he asked me which dealer but i wouldn't tell him, all i said it was another toyota dealer. He try to give all the bull that they won't change this and that on the car, and if is that cheap is not a toyota dealer. Then i just said just cancell my service and put the phone down.

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