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Tns200 Sat Nav - Lost Tmc Function

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Having had my '02 2-litre petrol GLS estate for a few weeks now, I've been making good use of the built-in satnav (turn-by-turn TNS200 model). Although the maps are old, I've been impressed with the TMC (or ETA, electronic traffic avoidance) feature.

However, a couple of weeks ago I noticed that water was seeping into the boot of my car and making the carpet damp around the satnav controller, so I disconnected the connection blocks to the satnav unit (while the ignition was off) and sprayed them with contact cleaner, before giving a good smear of petroleum jelly to ward off any corrosion.

Since I've done this I've lost the TMC icon completely - it's not even greyed-out on the main satnav screen (as it was before, when my chosen route didn't have any traffic issues on it). The satnav itself still works fine though!

I only have the "Quick Start" guide in my handbook pack, not the full TNS200 manual - scrolling through all the available function screens didn't seem to find anything to turn it back on.

Can anyone help with any pointers on how to fix it, or is there a way of checking whether the separate ETA electronic unit (which is bolted to the side of my satnav controller in the boot) is now duff? One pin on the connection between the TMC and the main satnav "loom" has corroded a bit and lost it's golden coating, which may be linked to the issue - any idea whether I can clean this up, and how?



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