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Corolla Gti Alloys : Correct Colour ?

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Can anyone help ? I'm in the process of tidying up my black Gti. I'm trying to find the correct shade of silver so I can paint the wheels so they look like they did back in 1988. Steel wheel paint is far too dull or dark, have yet to try silver wheels in case it's too shiny.

Has anyone painted their wheels before and how did you get the correct Toyota shade ? I'm not building a concours car, just fancy trying to get the factory colour.

Or shall I just grab some silver from the paint shop that every car seems to be coated in these days ?

Over to you !

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Alrite mate, Im doing mine at the moment and I whent with the silver wheel paint and I think it looks really

good! pretty much the same as standard tbh! if I ever figure out the pic thing I will post some! :help:

They are shiny but even with many coats of lacquer on they dont seem anything more than really clean standard

Wheels! :thumbsup:

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I have pics to help with this situation so help me get them up! Ive tried everything on the site and nothing

and then I got a photobucket acount uploaded pics and still I cant do anything!! :censor:

Anyone know how to help as my profile pic doesnt come up when I message either!

The silver wheel paint looks real good and is really easy to work with, I couldve done a slightly better

job but I just whanted my standard wheels to look good before I buy a new set of 16s in 6 months! I am

putting it on thick 2 with almost a whole big can per wheel!

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