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Hilux Speed Limiter


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is there a speed restricter on a 56 hilux 2.5. it will not go above 80kmh. i would appreciate any information on the subject. and any ways to remove it.


Now this might sound a bit daft, but, could it be stuck in low range?

I currently own an 09 reg 3.0 Hilux and previously had an 08 reg 3.0 Hilux. The top speed of the 3.0 should be about 105mph which is about 167kph.

The top speed of the 2.5 4x4 Hilux should be about 96mph which is 154kph.

You say your top speed is 80kph which is about 50mph. I would therefore strongly suspect that you either have it in 'low range' or, if not, it might be stuck in low range.

As far as I am aware there is no facility on the current Hilux to go into 'LIMP HOME MODE'.Some Toyota's do have this where the ECU detects a problem and won't allow the engine to rev above 2000rpm. You don't say whether there is a rev restriction in your case.

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