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hi i have a paseo 1996 and the key fob use to work but locked me out the car, everytime i use the key the alarm goes off! ive changed the batteries and i still dont work? does anyone know where i can acuire a new one or how to fix my old ones? thanks for any help!?

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I have one sat in the toolbox (well.. part box..) doing nothing. Drop me a line on SamAtPPS@hotmail.co.uk if you want it.

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here's a rough guide to what you need to do, i've done this in the past but it was a while ago and it did work (before hand i had no fob when i bought the car). this is copied form the paseo pimp forum on the Extreme Ep site:

"Copied this guide from the Paseo club, might be of some use, not sure though:

1. Find the alarm ecu, located behind glove box, cable tied under dashboard to the left (not the engine ecu you see directly in front of you!).

2. Remove cable ties carefully allowing access to unit.

3. You will see a bracket on the unit that is held on with a screw at one point and a rivet at the other.

4. Remove the screw allowing the bracket to move on the axis of the rivet.

5. You will see a small green coloured button.

6. Turn ignition to 'acc'.

7. Use a small pin, needle or similar to press the green button till you hear it physically click in.

8. Press and hold both buttons on the remote fob for several seconds until you hear the alarm ecu 'click'.

9. Your new key fob should be now coded to the vehicle, test then replace alarm ecu with new cable ties.

10. Sit back and relax, reflecting how you saved yourself a fortune for 10 minutes work

- "

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