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My New Mark 1 :)


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Said goodbye to the Aygo and now have a MK1 MR2, am rather enjoying it :drool:







I loves it :lol: I know nothing abut though so feel free to tell me anything useful.

I have already learnt not to leave the lights on when taking pictures..battery didn't like it :blush:


Er SJandMR2 :lol:

or Just SJ x

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Beautiful car... I wish I still had mine. There is no shortage of information about that car on the net, lots of UK based specialist who can help you with maintenance, tuning and basic driving techniques. I'm sure you'll be aware, as civilised as the Mk1 is, it can also rip you head off without any notice. Searching details online will be easier if you query 'AW11' which specifically identifies the mk1 (your car). They use the 1980s RWD Corolla GT suspension setup which is also fully adjustable as standard (I'd leave the standard setup alone however) and also the 4-AGE twin cam... one of the best ever twin cams fitted to a production car. The 4-AGE is actually faithfully designed around the Cosworth BDA engines used in F1 during the 1970s hence their rev-happy characters. The engine head is designed and audio tuned by the Yamaha motorbike branch (as they have done again with the Lexus LFA)... the chassis by turn was designed by ex-Lotus chassis engineers.

So you got a 'race-bred' car there, even the Corolla that makes up the rest of the DNA is a legend in Japan, the AE86. In my opinion, already a classic.

Enjoy :thumbsup:

P.S. Watch out for understeer, front end grip isn't the best! That's how mine died....

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You are right on all points there about the 4A-GE, race bred and very very powerful for the 1587cc dipslacement. Only problem they suffered that I am aware of was detonation (caused by sharp edges in the combustion chambers). Easily solved during a gasket change by sanding them down LIGHTLY.

These also respond particularly well to a polished head and even better so if you match the intake runner/plenums.

The TVIS version was happier to rev than the later versions (MAF) due to their 40mm crank journals (against 42mm) which created less friction and therefore less inertia. They also had slightly lighter rods, 18mm pins and a lighter crank (11Kg against 11.7Kg) which helped even more with the revving. IIRC the Flyheels were smaller too which stopped them from being sluggish.

Power differences between the two when race tuned are negligible however the TVIS is often prefered for racing because of their "rev happy" attitude.

As said before, there is a massive stockpile of info for the 4A-GE, more so for the 16 Valve which has a larger abundance of parts.

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Thanks for the messages guys and thanks for the info Nemotion and your right there is a wealth of information out there available on the net and I am doing my best to learn but sometimes if like trying to fill a glass with a waterful..just too much info.

It hasnt been the easiest of starts with 2, cost me 600 to get it through its MOT and then only a week later the alternator blew up, and now its clear I am also due a new Battery to, but I so love driving it that somehow I justify to myself its worth it.

I didnt anticipate the level of attention I get with the car at all, I think there is only one other MK1 in the area and it doesnt venture out often so I get a lot of head turns and I certainly seem to be impress ten year old lads with it :lol:

Because of all the money spent on keeping it on the road I havent done much in the minor modding I wanted to do yet. Still want a new Steering wheel and gear knob minimum.

I have however upgraded the knobs, I really disliked them with the handle on them and I appreciate this might not be to everyones taste as the colour is quite bold but I love them, they are solid metal and a brash orange:D



Also am not sure if I can over own a car that doesnt have pop lights :lol:

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