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Hey guys,

You all seem like a friendly bunch, and after hours and hours of searching for parts for my lifeless corolla i'm turning to you guys!

Here's the story, i want to modify my Toyota corolla GLS 1.3 Automatic, now it appears no one likes this car! =(

All i want is a set of lowering springs (30-40mm), Exhaust system (powerflow not just a back box!), window tints and a perfomance chip/ re-map.

I'm not really in the car world, i work to much, but i want the car to look nice, its got potential to be a nice looking car! I just really dont know where to find the right parts that are going to fit, and where to fit them, or who will fit them!

I live in the midlands near stafford, cannock, wolverhampton etc! I really need specifics and places to visit, and things that are actually going to fit!

I'm also interested if anyone has anything that will fit, or if you wantto come and have a look at the car, i'm open to advice here, and would love some great and helpfull feedback!


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You've come to the wrong forum, nobody likes any one from the Midlands!!! :P

Only pulling your leg. Have you checked Fensport out? Not sure if they have your car model as I only check parts for my rolla. But a good site for Toyota parts.

As for places near you I'm no help, live in Wales.

Welcome though :thumbsup:

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Here are the places that I used for my parts:



I hope this helps you mate, you can get most of that stuff from Eurocarparts tbh ;)

Have looked at all of these, and cant get my exact model?

I'm thinking models that are near enough the same should be okay? i'll post a picture of my car tomorow, need to take it first =P.

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