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98 Caldina (Avensis) 1.8 Rear Drum To Disc Conversion

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The rear drums & shoes are worn. The drums are worn to the point where the auto adjuster has to be backed off a long way to remove them.

Rather than replace them both, I was contemplating how much trouble it might be to swap in discs.

The suspension & drums are also the same as my 1996 Corona, so I may have that to do in future too.

I can source discs, calipers & hubs off a Celica, Curren or upspec Corona pretty easily, these should be the same as Caldina (Avensis).

The difficult questions are:

1) Is the ABS system the same between disc/drum? I'm assuming the sensors for the disc setup will plug straight into the loom, but am unsure about the ABS pump & computer. There is a difference between my Corona & Caldina, the Corona has a Nippon Denso pump & separate computer in the passenger cabin, while the Caldina has a Bosch or Bosch style all in one pump/computer. Not sure if this makes a difference either.

2) Is the master cylinder the same between disc/drum? Does it have a smaller or larger bore?

3) Handbrake cable. Is it the same between disc/drum?

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