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Cold Start Solenoid


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I have recently purchased a used 94 Celica GT (YAY!). Problem is that when I start the car for the first time each day, I need get the car in drive and if it doesn't keep going (ie I need to press gas and brake at same time at "Stop Signs" so engine is being reved) or the car will stall out. Also, it seems to work better if the AC is on. I was told this issue is called "Cold start solenoid". Does anyone know of this issue? I'm not really car insides saavy, so I'm scared of the trip to the dealer-- This is gonna cost what?! :help: Please?

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I know of this problem. The Cold start sensor is the green pug located on the water housing below the throttle body. Replacing this should fix your problem the car will start better and this should sort your idle out. Out of curiousity do the revs pic up after time and does it ever idle to high.

Thist part should cost around £50 from a main dealer or you could visit www.fensport.co.uk.

Hope this is of some help!


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