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Dyno Results

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Hey guys, got the TS dynoed today at Motoscope down Northallerton.

Car's almost done 70k on 54 reg, only Apexi and TTE backbox.

Max engine - 189bhp @ 8130rpm

Max wheels - 152.4bhp @ 7902rpm

Max torque - 130.9lbft @ 7142rpm


Now I know there's been a big debate in the past about people's results with similar mods, but I just wanted to see how much it's putting out before my catback and manifold is fitted on. I'll run it again in a few weeks to see what gains have been made.

So what do you guys think?

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Lol yup I'm aware of other people's results, but if I'm being honest I wasn't expecting as much as what other's have got.

Guess I was one of those who was skeptical in the past debates, but for me, I personally wasn't expecting much from the Apexi and TTE backbox on my car.

And like I said, just getting it dynoed to see what gains I'll be making in a few weeks time :)

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That's why dyno's are inherently useless unless you want to compare lots of cars on the same day, on the same dyno and then switch mods on the day as well.

Agree with you mate, but I'll be using the same dyno in a few weeks..at least it will give some idea of the gains I will make, be it 100% accurate or not.

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