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Japan Classic Sunday The Netherlands 18 July 2010

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INVITATION JAPAN CLASSIC SUNDAY 2010 date: Sunday, July 18, 2010.

Location: Café restaurant, The Koksehoeve, Koksedijk 25, 5421 ZB Gemert (www.koksehoeve.nl) running in: 10: 00-12: 00 pm.

As in the years 2005-2009 invites the Toyota Automobile Club in the Netherlands, all owners of classics, young timers and exclusive sports cars for a common event. The idea came about because often the classics and young timers in regular club meetings as ondersneeuwen between the modern-day mark and often with other Japanese brands clubs.

The meeting area of The Koksehoeve offers a huge space for the high-performance is good and what position holders in order to be able to dispose of it. In 2009, we had a little wet weather in spite of some 250 cars.

The recipe is a 'stameeting and a 'rijmeeting ". in the afternoon, it is possible to drive a nice toerrit by the magnificent surroundings of this beautiful part of Brabant. There will be little audience prizes that afternoon. On the ground is made for catering and toilets.

Entrance fees: $ 5 per car (TACN members free!!), regardless of the number of occupants.

What you get:-an information set with the road-map for the toerrit and the review form.

-The possibility of a prijsje win.

-a memory in the form of a vaantje (while stocks last).

In principle, the meeting ground for the classics and young timers and a limited number of genuine rear wheel powered sports cars, for which we have to set the events area a special part to use.

Club members with no audience cars like, as long as it is a Japanese car, are of course also welcome and can obtain the same package as the target group of cars and participate in the toerrit. They can be installed in the rear part of the area are the meeting to be able to take part, without the older cars in the mass disappear, so with a clear separation! Therefore a large JapFest, where the older models more in the Sun.

By 2010, there are also a number of anniversaries to celebrate in the field of Japanese cars: • 25 years Toyota MR2 in the Netherlands • 40 years Toyota Carina & Mitsubishi Celica • 35 years in the Netherlands • it would be fun to have a lot of these models additional copies. If there are additions, mail us!.

Programme: 10: 00-12: 00 pm is running in 13: 30-14: 30 a.m. Start toerrit (voluntary) 15: 45 hours truth awards ceremony + 5: 30 p.m. at the end of 2010, Japan is Classic Sunday driving directions: From nearly all regions: a2, near den Bosch turn 21 Veghel and Veghel N279 direction. Then take the N616 along Erp and then driving direction Gemert on the Hill mountain, Gemertsedijk and Koksedijk.

From the A50 and A73 is Gemert also. Check your route planner or follow your navi.

This day will also be made possible by www.marotaxaties.nl and BEUM-battery technology. On this day, it is also possible to limit the sharp fee of € 82 to leave your car. Would like to order the same sign in.

All info is aktuele (coming soon) to read at www.tacn.nl.

It is important to your application, so that we know how much we have to make infosets, etc.). meetings@tacn.nl with the following information: name, if any, club and type of car.

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