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Sat Nav Help For The New Boy

arthur chuffkins

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i have recently purchased 01 avensis 2.0 sr vvti hatch, and wot a car verypleased indeed! but the sat nav is driving me mad i want this to work but the cd player in the dash does not like the clone cd copy. is there somthing else i should be doing.

please please please help............

and does this model have a cam belt have read all the previous post and i think no but again help!!!!!!!

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The Sat-Nav box should indeed be in the boot, on the left hand side within the grey fabric casing.

Remember to make sure you have your ignition on when trying to load/unload the cd-rom, otherwise the cd loading drawer won't open...

Hope this helps,


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Should have sat nav M8.

See last line in 3rd paragraph of this copy + paste equipment spec:

From 1997 engine choices are 1.6i, 1.8i and 2.0i 16-valve petrol engines, or a 2.0 8-valve turbo-diesel. The more powerful D4-D direct injection turbo-diesel was introduced in Nov 99, with new generation 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 VVTi (Variable Valve Timing) petrol engines following in August 2000 – these units are cleaner and more efficient than the previous engines.

The latest year 2001 line-up launched in August 2000 includes new Vermont entry level models with climate control. Range revisions included new headlamps and front bumpers, improved ride, uprated rear brakes and higher quality interior trim.

Before August 2000 all models, including the entry level S, have velour trim, PAS, height-adjustable front and rear headrests, 60/40 split rear seat, remote central locking, RDS radio/cassette and ABS with electronic brake distribution. From August 2000 all models also have satellite navigation, alarm and climate air con.

GS models add standard metallic paint, electrically operated heated mirrors.

GLS have body-coloured mirrors, chrome grille, front fog lights, leather steering wheel and gear knob, CD player, upgraded trim.

Top specification CDX have alloy wheels with locking wheel nuts, wood trim and full leather interior.

SR (Feb 99) is similar to GLS but has 'sports' equipment including special alloy wheels, stiffer suspension and rear spolier on all. 2.0 SR only models get traction control.

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How can u find out if it has sat nav or not? I feel a fool asking my dealer as I didn’t buy it from them

In the boot to the left hand side will be a box about the size of 'yellow pages'. It should have a grey cover which is fastened with velcro. It's not hidden under the carpet or anything like that - it's literally just there in the boot.



:rolleyes: (can a clever mod resize for me please). :thumbsup:

If there is also a smaller box next to it then you also have traffic avoidance.

If you haven't got this just check that it isn't under the passenger seat as some people move them as they can get in the way in the boot a bit. If you press the trip button your head unit (stereo) you should scroll through the various screens such as mpg, range etc. You should reach one which is the entry screen for sat nav and says something like 'obey local road instructions press ent to continue'.

If none of this helps then things are weird ! Check to see if there is a wiring loom which comes out in the place I mentioned in the boot.

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