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89 Camry Questions


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Hi, for starters my name is Matt, im new to this site, same with the car. I am borrowing it from my grandparents since they dont need it, and while i wait for parts to come in on my other car (1 month +).

Anyways, they have owned it over 11 years, and it has sat for atleast the last 9+ months in there garage, there 98 Tacoma is ther primary transportation.

What im curious is about is some specs.

How many gallons/liters does the gas tank hold? I gassed it up today 10 minutes after i began using it, it took 50 liters of gas, and was on E and the red light was illuminated.

The "lights" warning indicator for the tail lights is illuminated on the dashboard all the time, non of the lights on the car are burnt out though, and if i unplug the light indicator controler (beside the power antenna) the lights indicator goes out on the dash, and i loose rear tail lights. Any ideas what might be the problem here?

In my opinion the 2.5L twin cam has a lot of life left in it, the odo reads 156,500 kms or 98,000 miles.

Tomorrow at my schools shop i am going to do a much needed oil change, and transmission fluid draing and refill. Mechanically the car is very sound, last year my grandma brought it in so me and some classmates would have a project. At that time the following was replaced

Oil/filter. Tranny fluid, filter, gasket. Air filter. Front tires. Front Brakes and disks, rear brakes and disks, and we changed the spark plugs (expensive platnum tips). The rear bank of the engine was very difficult to access to change the plugs, but atleast they are good for 60,000 miles!

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