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1.6 Valvematic Engine

Seamus O'Brien

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I am amazed at the fuel economy I am getting on my Avensis Tourer 1.6 valvematic. The computer is telling me 46.7 mpg and it is getting better even after 600 miles. The build quality is amazing loads of space and cheap as it was pr-registered.

If anyone is thinking of getting one of these new models I would recommend the valvematic engines over the diesel versions. They sound sweet and quiet best car I have ever had. The reason I recommend the petrol models is that the diesels seem to only be giving mpg in the low fifties and they are 1500 pounds more.

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Cant agree more - these new valvematic engines are a gem.

I have the 1.6 valvematic in the new Verso. It is a great engine. I get 40mpg from mostly urban driving, very smooth and refined, 134bhp pulls well and strongly across the rev range. Eager to rev and good turn of speed above 4500 rpm. No wonder this engine is in the Lotus Elise!

In addition you have no worries about turbos, egr valves, dual mass flywheels, dpfs etc so more reliable than a diesel as well id bet.

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