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Show Us Your Best Pic Of Your Two!


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We be inspired to show ourselves as well?? ;)

Me + my Gen II


My FIRST MR2...good old 1990 NA G-Limited:


And my current ride is here:


Oh and Iv'e always liked this pic of my Gen II:


56K warning on this thread I say ;)



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White MR2's only look good when they are clean :thumbsup:


Which is no easy task when you live in the UK :(


Once the nice weather comes I can take some new shots with the clear lights on etc. Makes quite a big difference to the car.

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Ok, first off here is my mugshot....me and the missus on holiday..


Here's a group pic of my 2s.....ignore the building site in the background.....thats just my new wall getting built


My G-Ltd


And my UK GT-----SHE'S FOR SALE YOU KNOW !! :thumbsup:


I really want to do some more group pics before it goes.......if it goes.....

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Sure looks lightweight tho' :thumbsup:

Just out of curiosity where'd you get the stands from ?

If my 2 dont sell, I'm gonna buy something else to run around in and strip the 2 down for a bit of a restoration job...and they look like just the things I need to push the thing around my garage....

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