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Quick Question About Tte Parts

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was looking to price some 17" grand prix TTE alloys but he says that since TTE shut down, he doesn't get part listings for them anymore

Try a few Toyota dealers with part number TD320-27998-00 (TTE 9-spoke Grand Prix 17") or they might use this number PZ439-B067-ZL

In Ireland they cost €185.40 euros per wheel! They do look tasty though:


Sadly not my car but same colour as mine!:thumbsup:

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that's the same car i saw them on and thought they looked great :thumbsup: did you find tha on the dutch forum?

It's G6-R who is a member on this forum. I don't think he has this car anymore though. Got the prices and part numbers through a Toyota dealer in Ireland who is able to source TTE parts.

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I hadn't noticed it until you said it but it does look very bad! :unsure: Did i read that it is due not only to the paint fading on bonnet/wings but is also a reaction between the paint and the plastic in the TTE bumper?

I think the TTE 18's would suit that car better :rolleyes:

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