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2004 Corolla Sedan!

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HI....i am new here and wanted to say hi to all Corolla fans....i wanted to ask about the Corolla sedan that is found in Japan and Australia, cause thats the same Corolla we get here just as shown in the pic below


now i've looked everywhere for websites and forums searching for such pics to see if the corolla sedan came with a body kit (skirt kit) from either the dealer/manufacter/TRD and couldnt find anything....could someone help in directing me to a perticular site or even post pics here of their vehicles or maybe their friends vehicles?

thanks in advace!


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hey man try toyota sa

I know they have factory Kits for this thing,

pretty much the same as the one we have here

I have other links, will post later

hey thanks ashan i really appreciate it.....here is what i found: http://club-ncv.hp.infoseek.co.jp/Parts-L/Ncv-P.htm this is a Corolla club in Japan and i found it after this post :)

.......if u have other links please post them!

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