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Mr2 Engine?


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I Just need to ask question. I have an MR2 and I'm going to swap the engine for a v6 camry engine (200hp). Yeah, yeah, i know, 3sgte is the favorite. But thats only 200hp with a turbo already. We're gonna swap the v6, put little mods like headers, custom catback, intake, fuel rail, bigger fuel injectors, and a turbo. Considering all the mods, the v6 would be better to work with after the mods right? I was also thinking about a Japane MR2 3 gen

engine, they push 240hp which are turbo.

1) Anyways my question is, whats the best engine for a MR2 along with the best tranny for that engine?

2) A camry engine mounts up to the MR2 transmission with no problems right?

3) What engines would a supra 6-speed transmission mount up to that would also fit in my MR2?

Would really appreciate any help! Also MR2 fans check out the new so called "4gen" of the 3SGTE engine. Check out the new Caldina.(260hp)

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Most of us are from the UK and engine swaps for the V6 are non-existant .. I was reading about this about 6 months ago on a US MR2 forum .. defo looks to way to go if you have the cash ..

a 3.0 V6 will have a lot of potential compared to a 2.0 4 pot ..

But saying that, SPL / Garage ********i / Phonex Power have an MR2 in Japan that is 730 bhp (in this months Banzai jap car mag)

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