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Have 2003 Toyota Tundra V-8. Recently had starting problems (i.e turn key, hear one click but no start). Turn key back and try again and will usually start although sometimes have to repeat process up to 6-8 times. Battery was replaced with Walmart Battery about 6 months ago, prior to the starting problems which only start about one month ago. Pulled six month old Battery and took it back to Walmart for load-test. Battery tested bad and they gave me a new one. Had new battery installed now for about 2 days and problem still exists. Not sure if this is relavant, but about two months ago my truck took on some water during the Nashville flood.

was parked at the mall and water rose around truck to about 30-36" deep, but did'nt reach the starter. Had about 1-2" of water inside front floor-boards. Was able to start truck and back out of water. Starting problem showed up about 3 weeks later and seems to have gotten progressively worse. Problem occurs with hot or cold engine. Battery condition continues to worsen over past couple days. While attempting to start, digital clock display dims. Any troubleshooting I can do to determine if problem is with starter, alternator, etc.? Any help is appreciated.

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It sounds to me as though your starter motor is faulty.

The clicking you hear may be the motor turning only slightly with not enough power to turn completely.

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