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What Mod First ?

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Im looking at modding my Celica GT4 ST205, but whats best to start off with, induction kit, stainless steel exhaust, dump valve, turbo timer with boost controller or just go for aftermarket ecu and have that mapped.

Any advise would help

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Give it agood service, replacing leads, plugs, dizzy etc before doing anything if they haven't been done recently.

What sort of power are you aiming for??

An exhaust system, decent filter and boost set at 1.1 bar should see 280bhp - 300bhp

Im running that setup but also with a Blitz access ecu and running at 311bhp.

Thats still with the cat in aswell.

After that you could go for a FMIC and up the boost a bit more, should see 330bhp ish

Then really its a hybrid turbo, you will need larger injectors, uprated pump and a mappable ecu to run one though.

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Its just had a complete service and just passed its MOT. I just got a dump valve as my first mod, so should i get these 2 things next


Wasnt sure if i could alter the boost with that though, then id either get exhaust and ecu upgrade next.

But where do i get a Blitz access ECU from to fit a GT4 ST205 ?

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Wouldn't bother with the turbo timer tbh but if you really want one they can be had alot cheaper than that one!! Some won't work with certain alarm/immobilizers so be aware.

The turbo timer won't allow you to adjust the boost pressure either.

What you'd be looking for is a boost controller, Blitz do the spec r or spec s versions, with one of these you can then adjust the boost to whatever you like. The safe limit is considered to be 1.1bar however some people run 1.2 bar with no issues, fuel cut is just over 1.2 bar on stock ecu.

If your going for a cone filter than ideally you want a straight intake with cold air feed and box, if not then just go for an uprated panel filter in the standard airbox.

Blitz ecu's come up for sale on ebay and also the gt4/celica owners clubs from time to time. Specific st205 ones are more expensive but can be plugged straight in. Mine is off an MR2 and requires the chargecooler pump relay to be bridged (a 2 min job) if going for an MR2 one make sure its for a rev3 onwards model (1994 +)

If I were in your position I would do the following:

1) exhaust system. Ive got the blueflame which includes the front pipe.

2) air filter. Panel filter probably preffered

3) heat lag the charge cooler.

4) boost controller

Should see 280-300bhp with that set up tbh

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welcome to the forum mate, there's plenty of choice when it comes to ECU's, everythink from e-manage to motec, it purely depends on budget and who can map what around you.

Like it's been said a cone filter requires faffing around or else the benifits from them are lost, get yourself a panel filter and remove the resonator box from the intake inside the arch will give you the same benifits but no hassles unless you have no arch liners in place, then I'd fit some kind of pre-filter over the intake.

the bluefalme exhaust is an excellent system, had one on my celica and loved the sound.

heat lag the charge cooler and also get some 'water wetter' type product in the system, it's tried and tested and we use it in any big build we do at the work.

boost controller, don't get a bleed valve! prefferably go for an electronic one, you can also unlimit the boost in 1st and 2nd gears by bypassing the VSV system, you'll need to do this for fitting a boost controller anyway

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