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Mk1 Ns Track Rod - How To Get At It ?

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Hi All,

The inner ball joint on my NS Track Rod is showing signs of wear, as confirmed by the MOT at the local council garage.

Just been looking at it, while the outer gaiter clip is accessible from the wheel arch, the larger inboard one is really hidden by the sub frame on the underside and from inside the engine bay its right at the bottom and partially covered by the steering fluid pipes etc.

Any ideas as to how you get at it ? - as I gather the actual ball joint needs some work just to separate it with some special tool ?

Am getting quotes of £100 + or - £30 from local drive in type of garages who say it takes them about 2 hours.

( Wonder if they drop the sub frame or partially slip out the whole rack to expose the joint )

Just trying to work out if diy is worth it as diy might still need a garage for re-tracking.

Any help appreciated.

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