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Some Issues (Help)

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Hi all, I'm facing some issues on my Auris which I would like to share with you if you can help me finding out if they are well known.

1. On a high way a couple of months ago, my car seemed to be almost constantly jumping. The same behavior is noticed at very low speed (like 10Km/h). Checked the tires, the wheels (if some was broken), everything ok. Tested the dampers, the rear ones are weak (left:43%. Right: 34%). Anyone had problems with their dumpers (the car has 30000 kms)?

2. When I pass with my car on bad roads, after 35km/h we can hear on the inside a noise coming from the front wheels, like if something is off or unplugged. If I brake the noise dissapears (I've heard that is has to be with the brake pads, am I right)?

3. The driver's seat seems to be loose. It was tighten a few months ago but now it's again loose. Is there any well known solution for this?

4. When I stop the car and turn off the engine, I hear a strange noise, like if something was still rolling for 4 o5 seconds after shutting down the engine

5. On first or second gear, at low RPM (about 1000/1200RPM), maintaining speed (about 20km/h), I hear a louder noise, it seems like a wicked bearing or something (could it be the gearbox bearings)?

Some of these issues are reported to the dealer, however, as we all know, they keep solving the "now" problem, not the "tomorrow" problem. I want to get as much information as I can to solve this issues.

Thank you a lot!

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