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Like all t-sports, mine is fitted with the rear TTE spoiler. I've noticed that the vertical parts of the spoiler that hug the left and right hand side of the rear window aren't actually joined to the glass. There seems to have been a thin line of sealant/glue that has cracked over the years. You notice it when you open the boot and the hatch is about halfway up, where you can see a thin crack of daylight between these parts of the spoiler and the glass/body.

The spolier is therefore only attached via its horizontal length at the top of the rear screen. It still feels secure and I have no intention of fully removing it and resealing it but was thinking of getting a mastic gun and re-gluing the parts where it's no longer attached. Would I be right in thinking arbormast (the stuff they use to bond in windscreens) would be the best product to use?

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