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Suprapod At Santa Pod - 14Th August 2010

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Hi folks,

I'm from and thought it would be good to let you know about an event we are running.

We call it Suprapod. It is a drag and drift day at Santa Pod on the 14th August 2010.

We hire the place exclusively and then invite other clubs along. We are growing the event each year to see how we can improve it and I thought some of you may be interested in popping along this year.

On the drag strip we have 50 spaces set aside for Supras and 50 spaces for non-supras. So 100 cars in total on the drag strip, and therefore no major queues at all allowing you to do as many drag runs as you want.

We also have a drift area set aside with 10 spaces for non-supras and so you can drift pretty much as much as you want.

Non member drag racing is £65, and non-member drift is £35.

We run the event with the aim of breaking even and so it is not a day where we squash as many cars in as we can.

Pop along to this thread for more info

Happy to put aside space for TOC if one of your mods wants to get in touch.

Would be good to see some fast Toyotas there, we have quite a few fast Supras running including an 9sec car or two.



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Only a couple of drift spaces left, and some drag spaces left. Only 3 weeks away so nearly there.

We have people from Driftworks coming along as well as some skylines, and a few other makes including we hope a race spec Viper.


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