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Holidays In Europe


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Hello - sorry took so long but didn't notice the post! :wacko:

Just got back from a quick run to Belgium/Luxembourg etc - covered 1300 miles in 5 days. Car performed really well, comfortably travelling at motorway speeds and a whole lot of fun in the twisty, hilly (very!) bits! No problems to report at all.

There were 3 of us + luggage and we all arrived comfortable and hassle free. First day we covered about 350 miles so seats did the job.

Fuel consumption was excellent. When I did the maths we worked out at just over 58mpg for the whole trip so very happy with that.

What really impressed me though is the performance at high (relatively! :rolleyes: ) speed. The engine never feels like it's racing; always feels quite relaxed. Obviously you have to work it a bit harder through the gears on hilly bits but it's a small price to pay.

It's a bit noisier (road noise) than my old car (Vectra 1.8)but you soon get used to it. . .just have the MP3 player a bit louder :)

Overall then very pleased. . . .2nd trip to the Continent, both great!.

Also got 'Club Toyota' (I guess you still get that with a new Aygo??) with the car and you get all the breakdown cover you need - I know you shouldn't need it but the peace of mind is a bonus.

Hope this helps,


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Did you have to get your headlights taped while over there or did you not do any night driving :P ?

You should do but I didn't (In theory Officer!!) I hate putting those stickers on the lights! Actually didn't do any night driving as it was bright until late so if I needed any lights I just put the sides on. Had a set of the stickers handy though in case of a spot check.

Took everything else though (Triangle/luminous vest etc). . . . .Thought I'd need a trailer!! :D

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We have done several trip abroad in our roadster and never done the headlight bit! Do carry the stuff with us in case we are stopped -"oh dear must have come off replace" hehe...............but never been stopped.

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I find that with these bubble-lights it's quite hard to find fitting/proper stickers and position

them right... With the ribbed glass headlights I had on my previous cars it was MUCH easier.

Haven't been to the UK with my Aygo (yet), but when I do I'm not sure if I'll bother with them either...

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Just back......

Sheffield to Plymouth, ferry to Roscoff, into Brittany......350 miles.

Week in Brittany.

Brittany to Bruges, Belgium......480 miles......in 10 hours with 2 breaks & 7 stops for toll roads.

Week in Belgium.

Bruges to Calais & Ferry home......330 miles.

About 1500 miles in 2 weeks, lots of constant high speed, air-con on all the time.

No problems.


Get some vinyl / Electrical tape.

Make a couple of triangles about 4" on 2 sides, 2" on the other.

Round off the corners.

Look at your headlights. In front of the bulb, there is a " + "

on the plastic. This is the centre of the beam.

Park your car close to a wall and use the triangles to cover the

"Left hand side upwards" part of the projected beam. Takes a bit of practice.

When happy, stick in place. Done this the last 10 years on cars / bikes

and had no problems. If I can find some, I'll post pictures.

EDIT: - Just thought......As well as spare bulbs, first aid kit & warning triangle,

You now MUST have a yellow reflective vest for each occupant INSIDE the car. (Not in the boot).

So that if you break down, you can (must) wear it on the hard shoulder.

(About £2.00 from ebay). Easy money for Police checks just off the boat.


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He might have more power than me. . . but I get further to a gallon :clown:

He didn't quite get all the way through Europe!

If he had, We'd probably not need headlamp converters as

we'd all be driving on the other side of the road.



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