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Verso - Drivers Door Linked Unlocking

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I have a 59 plate Verso that is a manual.

I want it to work so that when I open the drivers doors all the doors unlock. The Toyota handbook only seemsto provide guidance for cars with an auto box. Is it possible to get this functionality with the manual verso

I have, fruitlessly, followed the instructions in the vain hope that it might work but with no success

Any help gratefully received

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It does work with the manual.

If you follow the correct sequence to set it all door locks open if you open the drivers door within ten seconds of switching the engine off.

Sorry, can't remember where in the manual the instructions are.

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Mine is a manual 59 plate. The door unlock button located above the window controls unlocks all the doors on the new model also. Passengers can get out by munually using the lock/unlcock sitch on the handle - when the doors auto lock they only disable the handle from working.

If im in the car on my own though I always forget to press the button whebn I get out meaning if I have anything in the boot it a bit annoying as its still locked.

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