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Advice For Buying Please....lpg Or Diesel?

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Hi all. I am looking at buying a Previa. Just got rid of my Alhambra which was pretty good for a couple of years but lately started showing signs of head gasket problems. Originally wanted a Previa and wish I had bought one in the 1st place. I've had a Jap import Estima in the past but was really thirsty even though it was diesel.

So my question is, what do I buy? Is it beneficial to go for a petrol and convert to LPG or should I go for the 2litre d4d? I am looking at UK models, up to about 6/7 years old. Will be used daily on a motorway run of 50 miles. I've heard the turbos are a problem? Is the problem as widespread as it looks?

thanks for any advice

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They do drink it if u don't service them often enough or drive it like a sports car rather than the small van that it is.

Iv had anything from 15 to 50mpg on a run outta my lucida depending on how its driven. 50mpg takes some doin and a really boring drive but it can be done and often is.

Lpg, iv had a few range rovers and a jag on gas and they have there own set of problems but a good system well fitted shud outlive the car, just get the best one you can afford.

For me its diesel everytime as its just easyer and just as cheap, run it on chip fat and its allmost free but that's another story and another hassle unless u happen to have a good surply locally.

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