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Nice car! Loved the engine hose braiding things… were they hard to fit? Did you paint all the blue in your engine bay or was it like that? Mine’s really dirty and ikky atm but will clean it out soonish… and was thinking of doing what you did but with red to match my car…

I liked the interior too, did you paint the white also? Swapped the face panel with white backing is nice. Gonna get myself a set of pedals like the ones you have so look good when red neon shines on them at night hehehe

Only thing I could prob suggest would be bigger rims… they look like 14” 55 or 60s?

I have 15” 50s and looks better than most stock rim and tyres… but yeah.. my 2cents!

Cheers and keep us up to date with your car also!


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Very nice :thumbsup::yes:

Wish we had your climate over here, mine gets dirty in no time :(

Is the intake of a Civic? Just gonna start cleaning up my engine bay now I have the strut brace fitted, might even polish the rocker cover this weekend, if I can be bothered to get off my fat a :censor: e :lol:

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Paseo Tuner and dazH, that's a 5th generation Honda Accord intake ('94-'97) with a bit of modfication... or it was. the bottom section fell out, so I replaced it (the lower section that is, not the CAI) with a '96-00 Honda Civic long ram intake, which works better (since it's 3"). Ti's routed so that the filter is sitting just ahead of the transmission, so it's maybe 1/2" lower than the bottom of the radiator.


agnesx- yeah, I did the painting, engine compartment and interior. Looked a lot better before the exhaust manifold heat shield discolored... I'll need to fix that some time, maybe just polish it and forget it. Oh, and before the e-brake lever started chipping. Just going to replace that I hope... The braided hoses, as you may know, are just cover kits. They're braided metal wire you just kind of force onto the line, and cut as necessary. Bit of a pain to do, but not horrible, definatly done worse (nothing's beaten putting on the lightweight pulley without an impact wrench yet...) and you;re right, those are stock 14s with a 195/60 tire, but I have higher prioritys than rims right now. doing an exhaust for fun, then I need to do a major tuneup, then I need to get my windows tinted so I can do a bad ***** stereo set up in the back and not wind up getting jacked, then an alarm, then I'll look into rims, lowering, finishing my body kit, or maybe the latter will come earlier, dunno. Anyway, when I do get them thy'll be 16" Motegi MR-7's, probably white because I think at somepoint I want to get my car painted electric blue. If I decide to stay white though, I'll go gunmetal

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hey~ what paint do you use? i am thinking of doing some red in my interior,

engine bay-wise, i will clean it proper first before thinking about painting it.... i like the metal look... would love to chrome it.. but yeah.. too costly

and think can't be tossed about the braid kits.. unless i chrome my engine top.. i would consider it. but yeah.. too expensive atm rofl

and on the note of exhausts, i have a friend with the exact same seo (91) as mine, but pure stock - and it sounds completely crap, honestly, compared to mine....

i mean i dont have some really fancy stuff fitted... only 700AUD for a complete exhaust system made it sound so much better.... esp at 3000 revs.. loud enough to set off some sensitive car alarms in enclosed carparks! rofl....

then rims :) lowering, tinted windows is a must - and then on to the fun stuff!

neons and other lights! blue white head lights rock :)

ok ok me better sleep now, cya

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The paint- inside was Plasti-kote semi-gloss white paint, and the engine compartment was Plasti-kote Old Ford Blue engine enamel. If you want to give your engine a chromed look, polish it. It's like $125 ($162 AUD) or something like that to get it chromed I've heared, when to polish it costs $12 for Mother's best metal polish, $5 for sandpaper, $5 for super-soft rags, and some time. $22 (28 AUD), and you get-


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