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3 Months With The Auris

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now done 1200 miles with the auris since purchasing it in march.its a t spirit 1.6 vvti duel.

i joined this owners club soon after, some may remember that i complained that when i received the logbook i found out that it had,had two owners not one as told when buying it.

i got no where with the salesman for somekind of compensation,and was considering going to the trading standerds

people.but kingo from king-parts suggested i write to a couple of senior members of the firm,which i did and got

a nice phone call back from the sales senior exective.he was very opologetic and said the log book was at the cambridge branch ast the time of sale and the salesman misakenly thought it was a two owner car (how come they did not notice the problem when road taxing the car in my name)

he was not able to compensate with a refund, but offered free servncing plus mudflaps, carpets.

i ecepted the offer but still felt a bit niggled.

as i had no car to trade in and toyota was at the height of the pedal recall i rung a good deal out of them

as the had done 19600 miles i as asked about the 20000 mile service, he said it was done and showed me the service book which stamped and the mileage as the same as the car showed,i then asked for the service sheets for the service that had been and guess what he said they must of been mislaid.( (alarm bells ringing).

as i could not fault the car other than many scratches on the trim the (dashboard ok)i whent ahead with the deal

it had one year on the original warranty plus being an toyota approved car it also had that warranty both running together.

an approved car should have its own inspection so it should have an inspectoin of somesort.

for peace of mind when got home with it i put it on a friends ramp for an Oil and filter change.

as the car had only done 30 miles since its supposed service one expect their to be a nice shiny Oil filter fitted, but the cannister was grubby and so was the sump, after replacing the drain plug its normal to wipe around it but this has not happened.

i drained the Oil into a clean tray and it was dark (not black like ued diesel Oil)

though the Oil on dipstick loked nice and clean this is only a very thin film.

when the filter was removed the Oil had that orange colour when turned upsidedown.

noway had this engine had an Oil change for sometime.

it has now has had one.

this put me of the car and wondered why i had got after seeing all the complaints on this clubs foreham.

but i have to be fair it runs very well and i only had diesels since 1986 and is very smooth and quiet too quiet

in somewaays as ive got out of it and forgotten to switch it off (smart start)and get the warning buzzer.

it handles pretty good nice gearbox (could do with a sixth gear though)

brakes are well up to the job. no rattles or brake noises.

except for the very poor internal trim and posioning of some of the switches and controls etc.

at my advanced age it will be my last car and i dont do very much miliage now about 3/4000 a year

so if she stays reliable i keep her.

i would like to thank KINGO here for his advice much appreciated.

got this car from TURNERS TOYOTA BURY ST EDMUNDS so be warned.

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