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Egr Valve Swap

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Hi Guys,

Have 2005 Avensis 2.2D 4D4.

Have had the misfiring problem at 1800 rpm and have been advised by main dealer that the Inlet Manifold needs a clean out and the EGR Valve needs replacement.

Having removed it and this being the first Diesel I have owned I've realised I've been far too gentle with the car in my driving, I've had it from new and have done 94K but have rarely exceeded 2000RPM, do lots of motorway driving and just stick the Cruise Control on just under 70MPH.

Thanks to this forum I have removed and cleaned out the Inlet Manifold, EGR Valve and the Pipe connected, they are now spotless.

The car now starts much better, I'm back to 50MPG, the engine feels much better, but the warmer the cars gets the more the misfiring appears at 1800RPM.

So i'm planning to change the EGR Valve, it's a slightly newer revision of part though and I wondered if I could just swappout the Valve or would I also need to have the ECU software/Firmware updated.

What are your thoughts current valve is EGR VALVE 25620-0R010, the new part is 25620-0R012.

If I swap the valve myself I'll save £300 so worth a go.

Thanks in advance for any help guys.

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