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Aftermarket Speakers


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jst wonderin if any one out there can give me some step by step instructions for fitting aftermarket Speakers to the back shelf of my yaris............. from connecting the wire up and lifting the door kickers etc............. id feel alot more confident if i knew excatly what i was doin



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The sill protectors just un clip off, gently prise them up, ull want to run the cable under these out of harms way and visually nice (as u cant c them!) Just about every panel in the Yaris will gently pop off. Just whince the 1st time, then it'll all b ok


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are u using the oe parcel shelf or a proper mdf shelf!

id advise u to if ur not already to use a mdf parcel shelf as the sound quality will be increased dramaticaly plus if u want to sell the car later on ur better of returning it to standard without two great wholes in the shelf!!

the kick plates will come up easily enough, and u can tuck the rest of the wires neatly away under the panal behind!once uv done it once its easy!!!

how are u connecting it up are u using the door panal speaker wire to power it?? or are u using and amplifier??

are u using a head unit of a high level input into an amp??


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