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Cai For 1.6 Vvti


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What's up guys ?!

I'm new at this forum ... So firs i would like to say hello to everyone B)

I'm driving 2002 Corolla with 1.6 VVti engine. By now I have already done some small mods like spoilers, grill, lowering springs and muffler - all made by TTE.

If someone would like to see my car ... some pictures and info are at www.insomniaracing.org

Ok, so now what is my problem :)

I would like to buy CAI for my car ...

But I have some doubts ...

First is there anyone here, who has done this in 1.6 VVti engine ?! If yes I'm curious did it give any extra horses ... Maybe someone has a printout from a Dyno with and without CAI ? etc ...

I was thinking about TRD, but from what I read in T-sport it is not so easy to install it ... :( Is it the same in 1.6 ?! The sam problems ?!

Which CAI would you recommend for my car ?!


c ya,

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Welcome :thumbsup:

Nice looking corolla..... :yes:

Can't help with any advice - sorry.... but if you do get any performance mods sorted make you post them as I would like some extra oomph to my 1.6 T-Spirit.....

Cheers and best of luck

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I have a friend who has put and BMC CDA (Carbon Dynamic Airbox) plus a pipe, which, you can say that simulates CAI. I felt a smal diffrence in acceleration, but first of all, what attracted my attention was, that after shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear, the RPM droped only to 4500. In my cars it drops to 4000. This what made me to think about fixing CAI or this Filter to my car.

Later, I'll put some pictures of what he has done.

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I'd go for TRD CAI. In 1.6 its easier to install than in CTS cause you dont have the air pump and foglights. You just have to cut headlight a little, and headlights are Valeo, so they must be cheap.

As for advantages of CAI over BMC CDA:

1. in TRD CAI you keep the original volume of the air duct

2. in TRD you get unrestricted airflow, whereas in CDA you have to keep part of the original piping (curved like hell) with the airflow sensor, and you have to make additional piping (also curved) to supply air to the BMC.

3. TRD is cheaper and you keep your warranty.

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I'm still thinking about this ... TRD seems to be the best for me ...

But b4 I'll buy it, I would like to see some results from a Dyno, just to be sure, that it is going to give some extra horses.

Is here anyone, who has a Corolla 1.6 with CAI ?!

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