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August Northern Meet


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At the last northern meet we decided we were going to have the next meet at the Lion Inn, Blakey in the North Yorkshire Moors

The Lion Inn on remote Blakey Ridge is a 16th Century freehouse owned and run by the Crossland family since 1980. Located at the highest point of the North York Moors National Park, it stands at an elevation of 1,325 feet offering breathtaking views over the valleys of Rosedale and Farndale.


They have a good food menu and the location, plus the roads around, are meant to be amazing!

It should be a good drive there, heading across from thirsk to Helmsley via Sutton Bank (steep hill) and on to the highest point of the moors.

The Route

There should be lots of places to get some great pictures, plus get to meet up with your fellow TOC members for a natter.

Who is up for it?

1. Hou

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I will also be arranging a meet at somepoint soon to visit Speedwell cavern and Peak Cavern (stolen from JJ on MR2OC)

Speedwell Cavern is based around an old mine shaft which leads into a natural cave. The boat trip is very different, good fun and even a little scarey! For more info, visit theire website http://www.speedwellcavern.co.uk/

Peak Cavern, also known as 'The Devil's Ar$e', is a huge cave opening that used to contain ropemakers. The cave itself retreats backwards into the hillside and contains some wonderful 'rooms'. For more info, visit their website http://www.peakcavern.co.uk/

Also I want to drive down Winnats Pass:


If I got enough interest to change I could always change the meet to the caves instead of Blakey ridge?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just seen this Hou......Been busy loosing weight the other week and CAE this week ;)

Looks really good and it's a shame your efforts so far haven't got much of a response :(

Depending exactly when it is (not getting much time off work lately) Anne and I could be interested :thumbsup:


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Well I propose 8th August (gaz confirm you are childless) and take it from there.

Confirmed thumbsup.gif

Hmmm prob not available that weekend........mind you not deffo yet!.....erm maybe free after all...............erk.............poss free then!!

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Just need to know from Anne and Les then, can you please let us know if you can either do teh 1st or 8th August? :thumbsup:

erm Les is away till Friday night......................will try to find out............... :unsure: thing is he has to go to work at 2pm most Sundays at the moment............. :huh:

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Good that's what I like to hear, also thinkign I might (if the weather is nice) drive through to whitby after the meet as its only an extra 19 ish miles if anyone else fancies it :toast:

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:( stupid work

It isnt even like we could meet earlier as you still wouldn't get back for 2 :(

Sorry dude, would have had it on the sat but Asha has a hen do (unless we just tell asha where to go and we have the meet on the sat? :P )

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