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I have been looking at the Toyota bluetooth option for a Yarris. Wondering if it’s any good and worth the money, or would I be better having something like a Parrot MKi9200 installed. Has anyone got any experiences or recommendations?


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I've had a Parrott CK3000 and then a Parrott MK6100. They've been great because they've easily integrated with the radio unit in my Alfas and then my Audi A3 and play the phone through the car Speakers.

They're good because you can swap them from car to car. You can also buy adapters to fit cars with steering wheel phone controls, but I haven't had those to worry about.

If you can get the Toyota unit for similar money, then probably worth thinking about as it will integrate with the car better, but the Parrotts are perfectly fine and I've been happy with mine.

The other option is to buy a Tomtom sat nav with bluetooth phone capabiity - that would be another alternative to consider....

Both our Yaris SRs have a standard bluetooth phone system, but its a different head unit Toyota just bought in and rebranded, so you can't really compare...

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